Out now for TS3: AC4400CW Loco Pack 1

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Out now for TS3: AC4400CW Loco Pack 1

The GE AC4400CW, sometimes referred as ‘AC44CW’ is a 4,400 horsepower (3,300 kW) diesel-electric locomotive that was built by GE Transportation Systems between 1993 and 2004. It is like the Dash 9-44CW, but features AC traction motors instead of DC, with a separate inverter per motor. In appearance, the AC4400CW is somewhat similar to GE’s more powerful locomotive, the AC6000CW.

2,834 units were built for North American railroads over an 11-year production. This dlc features five different liveries of this loco.


  • KCS AC4400CW TS3
  • CP AC4400CW TS3
  • CSX AC4400CW YN2 TS3
  • CSX AC4400CW YN3 TS3
  • UP AC4400CW TS3


  • animated drivers cabin
  • animated wipers
  • ACS coupling supported
  • running numbers
  • custom head and ditchlight
  • dynamic fuel consumption