Out now: The Eastern Range – Brand new US themed route with new rolling stock

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Farming and ranching have always been practiced on the high pastures of the Eastern Range.

Although the food industry in the border region with Canada has suffered from the drop in food prices in recent decades, after the turn of the millennium the move to natural and sustainable pasture and livestock farming was ventured and was rewarded with high quality grain and dairy products:

There was a push to shift the flow of goods to rail, and as a result, all food and goods transportation in the region is done by rail. Thanks to the many reservoirs and intensive use of hydroelectric power, the region is largely self-sufficient in electricity.

Get to know the spectacular plateaus of the Eastern Range as a locomotive driver. Serve suppliers and buyers of food and goods and ensure a smooth supply of industries. Four sessions and two new SD40-2 locomotives (Burlington Northern and NS Maersk) are included too.

Coming Soon…