Pro Train: Alpine Lake 1 - The Founder's Era

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Shortly after the foundation of the German Empire in 1871, the city Alpensee and the municipalities Schlossberg, Brunntal, Fuellental and Sankt Marien, situated nearby the tri-state-area Germany – Switzerland – Austria in a remote German lake and mountain area, joined forces to operate the railway connection to the rapidly growing Central European railway network.

This part of the Alpensee rail network includes the route sections that were completed by 1893. They were the basic requirements in order to get to work on the constructionally highly demanding continuation of the lines into the high mountains at the turn of the century.
It takes into account the level of technology available in the late 1970sand operates an extensive network of primary producers as well as both, production and consumer industries, which paved the way to a buoyant freight transport.
Along with a high degree of postal and passenger transport, you’ll enjoy a spectacular driving experience and get a taste of the breathtaking route sections through the high mountains.
Experience a piece of railway history so fictional that it could actually be real …

This route comes with four tasks and includes the following vehicles: BR 644, BR 44, BR 218, Am & Bm passenger carriages as well as Eanos freight wagons.

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