ProTrain Alpine Lake 2 - Into the Mountains (Alpensee 2 - Quer durch die Berge)

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Following the construction of the first sections of the route in the Alpine Lake region by 1893, the turn of the century saw an immense sense of pioneer spirit to extend the railway network up into the mountains.

This pioneer spirit remained strong among the people, the engineers and the workers, despite a global economic crisis and two world wars.

One particularly interesting section is the stretch of elevated railway from Hohenalm to Höllsteig. The creation of this section was spurred on by the connections between the Hohenalm dairy industry and the local supply to the region via the Almsee railway. It was also developed thanks to the passion of the German Emperor, following a personal summer visit to a spa in Bad Hohensee, as well as the location‘s strategic relevance to American troops, who used the place as a remote, inaccessible mountain base after the Second World War.

Imagine the challenges and transport people and goods in the most remote areas of the Alpine railway network.

This route also includes four new sessions and new trains like BR 644, BR 85 steam, n-coaches (Silberlinge) and several freight cars (Eanos, Hbis, Laas).