The Pigtail Line for TS3

Drive the Pigtail Line (Sauschwänzlebahn) from Blumberg-Zollhaus to Weizen through the romantic Blackforrest.

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The Pigtail Line

The Pigtail Line (Sauschwänzlebahn) takes you from Blumberg to Weizen,
passing 6 tunnels and 4 viaducts along this 25.5 kilometres route. It is
a section of the Wutach Valley Railway (Wutachtalbahn) in the southern
Black Forest, which connects the High Rhine Railway (Hochreinbahn) with
the Black Forest Railway (Schwarzwaldbahn).

The line was built in the late 19th century for military reasons, as
part of the so-called “strategic bypass railways” in the southern Black
Forest. The intention was to bypass neutral Swiss territory.

To remain below the maximum gradient of 10 per mil, the line had to be
artificially extended by adding a series of curves and tunnel
constructions. With its length of 1700 metres, the Grosse Stockhalde
spiral tunnel is the only spiral tunnel in Germany.


Direkter Vergleich: Originalaufnahme vs Ingame Grafik - fast wie im Original
Here you can see the direct comparison - almost like the original: photo vs ingame graphic

Enjoy a fascinating piece of railway history in the impressive
landscapes of the Kommental, the Randen range and the Wutach gorge as
well as historic shaped signals (semaphore) and vehicles (Class 50 and