Out now for TS3: Route: Sequoia Valley

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Out now for TS3 – Route: Sequoia Valley

The unrivaled pioneering spirit that led the railroad builders to lay the urgently needed rail line through Elk Canyon to Elk River and from Badgers Burrow to Fox Canyon had spurred them on to great deeds.

Now, however, it was finally time to complete the route to the Canadian border. The aim here was to open up the Sequoia Valley and connect the branches from Fox City and Elk River to Wilmington and finally Sequoia Falls. There were still great differences in altitude to overcome, which required the construction of several tunnels, hairpin bends and engineering structures.

But the engineers and workers overcame this challenge and reached their destination in Sequoia Falls at the beginning of the 20th century.
Experience the unique diversity of the Sequoia Valley and take on exciting driving assignments in a complex network of goods and supply chains.


  • new high detailed route in Badgers Pass county
  • 4 new sessions
  • CP AC4400CW
  • CP SD40-2
  • UP SD40-2

Loco Features:

  • PBR textures
  • animated drivers cabin
  • animated wipers
  • animated fans
  • custom head and ditchlights
  • running numbers
  • animated displays (CP AC4400)
  • realistic fuel consumption (CP AC4400)